David Pancer CIO Gamewear
 Gamewear, a manufacturer of custom team uniforms, required an ERP solution that would keep accurate track of raw materials and production. We selected PolyPM because its dynamic BOM enabled Gamewear to configure very complex bill of materials in which a single style could have over 40 different product options. Rather than having to create a separate BOM for each product option, PolyPM enabled us to create one BOM that dynamically configured all of the product options. This greatly reduced our development costs and enabled us to expand our product offerings. Operationally, we found PolyPM to be very logical in its structure. Teaching new users was very rapid. We were particularly pleased with PolyPM’s reporting functionality. Custom reports were needed in quite a few different areas and since Crystal Reports was fully integrated with PolyPM, we were able to create any report needed.
Juan Zighelboim President
 Prior to selecting PolyPM, we tried to build our proprietary system over the course of several years. This of course translated into heavy investment in money and human resources. After not being able to reach the goal of obtaining a comprehensive systems solution, we decided to reach out to Mickey and team at Polygon Software. With the assistance of Polygon’s support staff we were able to deploy PolyPM in 8 weeks, including 2 weeks in which we were shut down over the holiday period. By January 2 we had all of our orders and a complete raw material inventory in the system. Four months later we reduced our order backlog to weeks rather than months and brought the management of our inventory totally under control. As a result, our customer service levels and fulfillment rates improved significantly. We’ve enjoyed the benefit of using many of PolyPM’s great features designed specifically for apparel makers. Over the years we’ve added Scan & Pack, EDI, shop floor tracking, sample development, cut planning and production scheduling. Aside from being a straightforward system to learn and operate, it gave us the ability to start quickly with basic processes and then add-on additional functionality as needed. In short, PolyPM’s been a real game-changer for us.
Peter Brink COO Amoena
 Amoena is a high-end intimate apparel manufacturer. I had previously deployed PolyPM for intimate apparel, sportswear and custom team uniforms in other companies. Each of these businesses where I deployed PolyPM had its own set of varied requirements and issues. I have gone back to PolyPM again and again because the product can effectively support virtually any method of manufacturing and can be deployed very rapidly. Amoena is a good example of why PolyPM is such a strong product. Since intimate apparel uses many small and different fabric components, and a multi level BOM, it’s necessary to be able to group production of like constructions together, but still track all of the trims and findings separately for each production order. PolyPM gave us the ability to group production orders together for fabric but still keep track of each production order separately as it ran through the shop. PolyPM even let us carry bundles through production, designated as packing boxes, allowing us to easily integrate the production and shipping processes. The folks at Polygon have been crucial to the success of each implementation. They stay with an implementation until it is doing well and continue to support and enhance the system after implementation . Their knowledge of systems and manufacturing has been invaluable in helping us to become efficient and grow the company.
Rodrigo Bolanos General Manager of League Central America
 As the VP Production at a previous company, we were early adopters of PolyPM. I was pleased with its ease of use, flexibility and its efficient commonsense approach to production. When I reevaluated PolyPM several years later, I was impressed with how far the product had evolved with the addition of new modules such as scan & pack, cut planning, and production scheduling. This made the selection of PolyPM simple because we did not find any other mid-range solution that had the breadth of functions PolyPM offered within our budget. As a startup operation, League was in its second year when we began to deploy PolyPM. At that time, we already developed a number of in-house tools for managing our production. But the problem was that each of the tools we developed were individual silos of data with no integration. My primary objective with PolyPM was to integrate all facets of production and to make this data available throughout our business. We started off using PolyPM to manage our essential processes. This included product development, raw material inventory management, purchasing, cut planning, customer orders and manufacturing orders. The initial startup went quickly. We were able to go live in about 120 days. Since then we have been adding additional operations to PolyPM including shop floor tracking, scan and pack and production scheduling.
Mark Gitomer CEO
 For 15 years, we had an in-house developed ERP system that had become obsolete and unsupportable. We then purchased an industry-specific software package that was scrapped after three years of patching and work-arounds. After spending two years attempting to recreate our old system on a new platform, we found ourselves using disparate programs and data sets instead of integrated data. After listening to a friend rave about his success with PolyPM, we spent a day at his facility. The company was kind enough to show us how they are using PolyPM, demonstrating why they were very happy with their installation. The purchasing decision was made before even talking with PolyPM. We starting training on PolyPM in February 2011 and went live in April 2011. The implementation was professionally managed. Any problems were self inflicted, but Polygon’s staff helped guide us around them and kept us moving in the direction toward a successful implementation. My team is very happy with PolyPM. Management now has a reliable integrated solution. One of the most telling comments recently was from my purchasing manager, who said he now has the confidence to go home and spend time with his family knowing that there were no impending shortages because of purchasing missteps. We’re now moving into the next phase of using PolyPM and will be integrating PolyPM’s EDI and Scan and Pack. We have been pleased with Polygon’s support, guidance and willingness to enhance PolyPM to meet our needs. For example, we have used a method of production scheduling over the years based on loading each of our production lines based upon algorithms of both unit and minute capacity. Rather than pushing their integrated production scheduling solution, Polygon added fields to manufacturing orders and developed a utility to incorporate our loading methodology.