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Polygon Software has a long and accomplished history of developing leading-edge software for the apparel and textile industries over the last 30 years. We introduced PolyNest in 1986, the first “open” apparel CAD/CAM system. PolyNest revolutionized the apparel CAD/CAM market, by being the first system to run under the Windows operating system. We made it possible for small to mid-sized manufacturers to take advantage of CAD/CAM technology by creating software that was easy-to-use, independent of proprietary hardware, and priced for every manufacturer.

PolyNest was already our second generation system. Prior to PolyNest, we were the original developers of the AM-1 marking and grading system, the world’s most widely used apparel CAD/CAM software now distributed by Gerber Technology. Apparel manufacturing has been in our veins for generations.

Our latest contribution, PolyPM, to the sewn products and textile industries was conceived for today’s generation of manufacturers, brands and distributors looking to achieve dramatic benefits from making better use of technology.

PolyPM integrates PLM and ERP into a single application based on today’s technology, PolyPM enables your entire enterprise to integrate all aspects of your product development, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution processes.

Because of our long history and commitment to automating the apparel and textile industries, you can be assured that you’re in capable hands as a user of Polygon Software products.