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Solutions for brands, sourcing and manufacturing

Polygon Software is a worldwide provider of software solutions for the sewn-goods industry. Our rich history, starting with founding the Apparel CAD industry, offers sewn product businesses an extensive line of software solutions designed to improve profitability in a global economy.

Our primary products, PolyPM and PolyNest, provide worldclass PLM, ERP, and CAD solutions that are designed to "fit" the way your business operates. Our products are known for their robust functions and flexibility to adapt to all design and production environments.

Our customers love to do business with us because of our relentless dedication to their success. Forming true partnerships is part of our corporate culture and it's what enables us to provide better solutions.

PolyPMPolyPM offers Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for apparel brands, manufacturers and distributors. Web-enabled, PolyPM enables you to have all your style and manufacturing information instantly available - anywhere in the world.

PolyNestPolyNest is the first "open" apparel CAD/CAM software and hardware system, with installations in over 30 countries worldwide. Now in its 7th major revision, PolyNest provides unparalleled productivity and ease-of-use.

CutPlanningCut Planning is now available as a standalone application or integrated with ERP. Cut Planning helps users build an optimum marker plan and spreads for efficient production by providing all aspects of the production process including markers, fabric, and estimated material requirements

9.1.13 PolyPM’s latest generation of Cut Planning saves fabric and reduces spreading and cutting costs with more optimal marking solutions, especially for production orders with a large number of sizes.

7.1.13 Fully Integrated with Polygon’s PLM and ERP solution, PolyPM’s new Warehouse Management System module helps manufacturers track finished goods across multiple warehouses and speeds replenishment programs.

5.22.11 PolyPM's latest Cut Planning upgrade features automated calculation of the lowest cost marking solutions for apparel businesses, proving far more effective than manually created marking plans.

2.15.11 Polygon's newly released Cut, Make, Trim (CMT) module helps apparel businesses manage orders, materials and financial reporting for customer supplied materials.

10.3.10 New Forecast Purchasing module helps apparel businesses determine material requirements based on projected production and optimizing on hand inventory.

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